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Why Do Some Pastors Deliberately Avoid Teaching Doctrine?

The title of this post (which I modified slightly) comes from an article that I recently read.  I wanted to post it here because it asks a very profound question.  Here is the opening couple of paragraphs:

“I have been involved in leading churches for four decades, with an emphasis on church planting in the last few years. I’ve also visited and addressed hundreds of churches around the world and have had the privilege of meeting thousands of Christian leaders. Through this time I’ve watched an unintentional doctrinal imprecision on the part of many pastors become intentional. In other words, I have witnessed a new “conventional wisdom” emerge. Simply stated it is the “wisdom” of attempting to circle in more people for our churches by unashamedly minimizing, or perhaps nearly eradicating, the restricting influences of doctrine. What pastors used to do (because of being poorly taught perhaps), they now do by intent, all for church growth.

The problem is, it works.

For instance, I just visited with one friend concerning a large church in our area that has grown exceptionally well. The directional pastor of this church is a smart man who has some distinct beliefs he holds personally. I can talk with him about doctrine when alone. He reads and knows the Bible.  But in his leadership and preaching he fully intends not to go beyond the most elementary issues, and appears (appearances are about all we can go on) not to be that concerned that his people differ on major doctrines, some of which are most significant. Outside of an expression of the gospel and some “how to’s,” there isn’t much to get your teeth into in his preaching. He has created a birthing station but not much else.”

I can relate to the problem this man describes.  As a young believer I wanted to know about the doctrine of election but could not find anyone who would touch it much less explain it.  The same went for eschatology (study of last things).  I was not persuaded by the views of my dispensational friends but could not find anyone who could or would offer an alternative.

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