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Worship: Speak Lord, Your Servants are Listening

One of my ministerial colleagues, Jonathan Landry Cruse, of Community Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Kalamazoo, Michigan has written a nice article on worship. It was published in the latest edition of Tabletalk, the monthly devotional guide published by Ligonier Ministries.

The authors poses these questions about the worship service:

  1. Who speaks first (God or man)?
  2. Who speaks the most (God or man)?
  3. Who sets the agenda (God or man)?

He concludes with this summary: “What can we do to move our worship services in a God-centered direction—a worship that exalts Him and humbles us? Terry Johnson says: “The single most important step is to fill them with biblical content. Bible-filled services, services in which the songs, prayers, readings, and sermons are full of Scripture, will inevitably be filled with God as well.”

I highly recommend the article as it succinctly and winsomely sets forth several aspects of worship as understood by the reformed tradition. Click the link below to read more:

Your Servants Are Listening