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Stories of God’s Grace

The late R.C. Sproul had a great impact upon my life and through his influence, I was led by the Lord to leave parachurch ministry and go to seminary to study to become a pastor. Additionally, many in the church I serve have been touched by him as well through the resources available from Ligonier Ministries. Teaching series like “The Holiness of God,” “Dust to Glory,” “The Blessed Hope,” along with other resources, like Tabletalk magazine, have shaped the members of our church and helped them better understand reformed theology.

We are not alone. Lives all round the world are being touched through Ligonier Ministries. It is with joy that we share the following link to the story of Hrishka Sisters, immigrants from Ukraine, whose eyes were opened to the truths found in Scripture, through R.C. Sproul. https://youtu.be/MSo5PE9qNVw

Perhaps you are like these women – going to church but missing the big story. Maybe you are hungering and thirsting for more than a simple “how-to” sermon. Perhaps you want to understand how the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments fit together. Perhaps you’ve heard enough “law” and you long to hear more of the “gospel.” Perhaps you want to learn more about reformed theology https://midlandopc.org/what-we-believe/ . If so, we invite you to visit our church some Sunday.


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