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Is It Okay to Skip Church?

Many skip church on a regular basis to do other things – sleep in, eat out, shop, golf, kid’s sports, hunt, fish, and more. For some it is their day to catch up on laundry, groceries, cleaning, etc. No one begrudges those who stay home because they are sick or because something out of the ordinary makes it difficult to attend. But across the board church is pretty far down the list as a priority for most Americans.

If you were invited to a lavish party hosted by a friend, to ignore the invitation would be a rude thing to do. To decline in order to scrub the floor would be just as bad. This scenario is spelled out in Luke 14:18-20 where a king threw a lavish feast and invited his friends to attend. Many made excuses and chose to do other things.

The following article uses that imagery to explain that God is the one who is throwing the party. In the worship service He is offering us lavish gifts that we cannot get anywhere else. This insight sheds new light on the question of whether it is okay to skip church.

Is It a Sin to Miss Church?