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If We Could See Sunday from Heaven

Each Sunday I observe what does on around me. On my way to the church I notice how few cars are on the road. While at church I see people out for a walk and cars on the road heading to the grocery store or to a restaurant for breakfast. In church I see those who are not paying attention, and on occasion, I have seen closed eyes.

What follows is a thought-provoking article originally posted at Desiring God Ministries. I hope you enjoy it.

Have you ever caught yourself looking past Sunday morning? Has the promise of the week ahead ever begun to eclipse the wonder of gathering with God’s people?

You probably don’t despise church, but you might still quietly pine for the extra rest that afternoon and evening. You might long for another week to start. A temptation arises, at times, to take Sundays for granted and start looking forward, instead, to what comes on Monday: to routines, relationships, events or activities, maybe even to work. Church slowly, even imperceptibly becomes an interruption in the week, instead of the culmination.

How does the awe-inspiring weekly gathering of God’s chosen people devolve into a stoplight — an inconvenient intrusion in the flow of our lives? Often, it’s because we’ve started worshiping something else the rest of the week.